So, every few months or so i like to dedicate a post to showing some images before and after.  The BEFORE images are pretty much straight from the camera. There is basic editing done here, but it is simple and just good enough for so-so prints. The AFTER images are after all of the full touch-ups and artistic editing is applied.   I try to not over-do it and just enhance the photo, rather than make it unrecpngnizeable!  The artistic edit is what all of my clients receive when they order prints, albums, canvases, etc.  And, for all of you photographers out there, I use Totally Rad Actions exclusively.  For me, i feel that using a few- at the most- different action sets, applications or textures gives a very consistency to my work and helped me in establishing my look, style and brand.

Now, onto the show!

before after1before after2before after3



Hey Jackie! I absolutely LOVE the after photo of our picture. You are so amazing and we are so glad you were the one to capture our day! We can’t wait to see them all in person!


Thanks so much :) @Anadee- the first set, i did basic editing and cloning, and patching. i used oh snap, pool party, flare up golden, pro retouch ans select o pop. flattened and then can-o-whoop@$$. the b/w = basics again, detoner, bamf b/w, +contrast, grainstorm, flattened, can-o-whoop@$$. last set, same prep as above, pro retouch, oh snap, lux soft, flare up faded, warm it up kris, can-o-whoop@a$$. All of it is in moderation and to my tasted. always adjust opacity! Hope this helps!


Hi Jackie. I am a long time blog stalker and have finally worked up the courage to post a comment. I am an aspiring photographer and I absolutely LOVE your photography. I recently purchased the totally rad actions and was wondering if you wouldn’t mind posting which actions you used for your pictures. I love your post processing! Thanks! :)

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