Talking to Lauren for the first time over the phone about booking a session was like talking to an old friend.  I swear we talked about babies, life, love, and motherhood all in a matter of 5 minutes!  I had such a fun time with the Pradels gang at our session in Balboa Park.  But, i think the best part about it was the ideas that the entire family were offering for their shoot.  I always hate feeling like this dictator who has to direct every little thing on a shoot or at a wedding.  So, when my clients offer some of their own creativity, it makes me sooo happy!  Here are a few images from the day, Enjoy!


Normally i wouldn’t post a very traditional pose like this, BUT i couldn’t resist.  It’s so sweet, adorable and funny!172145087

PRECIOUS. Man, i love this shot!010dyp1

My favorite of the day:155117

Pradels Family- I loved every minute of our shoot.  It was great getting to meet you all!  Thank you so much for being radical :)

Love, Jackie