This little giveaway is way overdue…

I’m such a big fan of the San Diego grown gourmet, chocolate company, Chuao Chocolatier.  Their product is SO pure and creative, you can’t help but fall in love with chocolate all over again :)                So, because I’ve been wanting to do a giveaway for a while now, i thought this amazing chocolate would be the perfect solution!  This delectable delight includes a bottle of wine, 16 bon bons, and 2 signature Chuao Chocolatier bars that Michael, the Owner, has paired together perfectly for your tasting enjoyment.  So, to get in on the fun, here’s what you need to do:

  • please leave a comment below (only one per person) describing to me and other readers: WHAT MAKES YOU DO YOUR HAPPY DANCE?!
  • please, do not email me, because it won’t count :)
  • contest ends Sunday, October 11th at midnight, PST.


ps- the pic on the front of the Chuao Chocolatier website, of the owner, is by yours truly ;)

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Knowing my son has survived one more day in Iraq and is one more day closer to being home from deployment makes me do my happy dance…


what makes me do my happy dance? simple: every time i remember god’s overflowing grace, mercy, and unconditional love.


what makes me do the happy dance? simple: every time i remember god’s overflowing grace, mercy, and unconditional love.


When my 13 month old son eats and especially when it is something other than puree baby food. I seriously do the happy dance around his high chair! :)


I do my happy dance whenever my darling husband and I share a precious moment, genuine laughter or inside joke between the two of us. Intimate connections like that come so rare, and whenever they do occur, I am eternally grateful and do a secret happy dance in my heart.


Today’s happy dance included toro horns turned tummy ticklers. My happy dance is less for myself but more for the joy of hearing the pure eruption of giggles coming from baby Eamonn’s mouth. Bootie shakes are also another happy dance that induces a giggle fit :)


I do a happy dance with my cutie puppy Lola everyday when we go for a walk. quite a spectacle for others to see :)

ashlyn carter

funny you should ask. I just litterly DID a ‘happy dance’ on the couch as I watched The Office episode from last night. Pam and Jim’s wedding…that song and dancin’ down the aisle…amazing! :)


I do my happy dance when I come home from working out and Erin’s backing something yummy :) Happy happy hooray! :)

Allison Davis

I do my happy dance pretty much any time an awesome song comes on the radio or my iPod – I’m pretty sure KC & The Sunshine Band’s “Boogie Shoes” will do it every time. :)


I can’t believe I’m admitting this but FOOD makes me do my happy dance. :) My morning strawberry yogurt… a bean and cheese burrito with sour cream when I am starving… hot chili on a cold day… walnut and pear salad from the Yard House… freshly baked chocolate chip cookies with a big glass of milk, and the list goes on! Slightly pathetic, maybe but I love my comfort food! :)

erin vega

ok, that could be many things! But at the moment, my world is turning bright orange, red, and yellow. We have a lot of sunny days/bright blue skies, evergreen trees, and purple plum trees around as well. add that up, and my world looks like a rainbow! and that is currently making me do my happy dance! i love fall so much! :) :)

sofia boudreau

The thought of walking outside on a early friday evening, the sky is slightly dark, the weather is cool and crisp. I see and hear fall leaves and smell the warmth of surrounding chimney smoke. Mmmmm. Off to get a steaming hot Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Latte with extra whip cream folowed by snuggle/movie time with my hubby. Makes me want to do the happy dance!


My happy dance? Hmmm…my husband at the front door with a surprise autumn bouquet, two days at the beach, fresh ground coffee, and sleeping in. (Well, I’ll dance when I get up…)


Hey Jackie, we recently have been to the US for our honeymoon(I am from Germany so I don’t know if I am allowed to enter anyway). I could totally start a happy dance when I think of food like Pinkberry, In-N-Out Burger and Krispy Kreme. I wish we would have thinks like this. This is really a reason for me to go to the US over and over again.


hi jackie. oh goodness. i just saw that in my my ‘happy dance’ post, i have a typo!

it should read, ‘we aren’t always in synch day to day, but “when” we (instead of we we). It’s late and i just finished working. it’s definitely time to get catch some zzzs.

buenas noches senorita!


i do ‘happy dances’ alongside my hubby when we are teammates and are playing a game with other couples. we aren’t always in synch day to day, but we we are playing games and guess each other’s word in charades or come up with the highest scoring word in scrabble, we jump right up, high five each other and shake our booties together to celebrate. you’d *never* catch us doing this alone, but together somehow, we are comfy doing a little ‘happy dance’ during these times. *smile*

jen }i{

Jase, the kids and I do a dance and song whenever one of us makes into the “Home” zone in the Sorry! game. We dance the the tune of us singing the song at the end of the Vonage commercial. Whoo Hoo Whoo Hoo Hoo! :)

The kids and I also go CRAZAZY doing a dance, while in the car, whenever “Hey Ya!” comes on the radio.


the fact that you are taking our pictures tomorrow! i’m a photography junkie!

Jessica Morrisy

My happy dance is also know as “dance break” My sister and I have been calling each other during work hours for years calling “dance break!” Typically the song involves “baby got back” or “Are you gonna be my girl”. Both songs that make you want to shake our boo-tay. Sometimes work can be mundane…but our dance breaks always make me smile. You should try it:)


The fact that I’m getting married in 37 days makes me do the happy dance!!!!!!

pam heggie

when i find the perfect antique ANYTHING for a cheap price to boot!


I did a happy/victory dance when I beat out Daniel on Super Mario Wii Tennis on. haha…I didn’t even realized that I was doing it until my friend caught me in action. LOL!

cristina thornburg

Oh, there are so many things right now. I just feel so blessed. Being a mom to four boys and a wife to an amazing man has to top the list though. ;)

I haven’t had Chuao chocolate for a while. I’m sure I’ll do a little happy dance if I win. ::grin::

Happy Dancing Dad

What makes me do the happy dance…it’s pretty simple: when my two kids rush up and welcome me home from a long day at work. Not only do we all dance, but we wrestle, give noogies and tell stories (highs and lows) about our day at the dinner table. Always the best ending to a day of work!

Great idea for a giveaway!

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