I had the fantastic pleasure of photographing Jack and Andrea’s little baby bump :)  I met them thru two of my most amazing clients, Mike & Stephanie.  I’m pretty sure little Luke is going to be one handsome little guy with lots of spunk and funny jokes(he’ll get that from his parents:)  I encourage all of my clients to choose a location that means something to them, where they will be the most comfortable and where they will be able to show their character the best.  And, since Jack and Andrea said that they will be bringing their little guy to this park a lot, they decided to hold the shoot at the park right behind their home. it was a special and perfect little spot to shoot:)



My favorite diptych of the day :)dypJA015JA025JA109JA101JA096

Jack & Andrea- i feel so blessed to have been able to hang out with you both and capture such an awesome experience in your lives.  That little man is going to be SO adorable..i can’t wait to see him!!

Love, Jackie

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jen berry

love the shot of her peaking out from behind the tree. As always your photography captures beauty and a moment. a very special one. she is gorgeous.

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