It was so hard to choose a winner!  I don’t know, really, what made me choose that theme for the contest, but i figured that everybody has a happy dance, even if it’s just a little wiggle or throwing hands up in the air (like my sis).  There were many great descriptions of your Happy Dances that i had to bring on help (aka Matt) to choose a winner.  But in the end, the winner is:

Cristina Thornburg!! her comment was: “Oh, there are so many things right now. I just feel so blessed. Being a mom to four boys and a wife to an amazing man has to top the list though. ;) I haven’t had Chuao chocolate for a while. I’m sure I’ll do a little happy dance if I win. ::grin::”

Cristina, email me your address and be ready to receive some yummies :)

And, if you’re wondering what makes me do my happy dance….perfectly baked chocolate chip cookies, going to Disneyland, grabbing an awesome shot of a client, booking a client :), when Emery reaches a mile stone, perfect pumps at the gas station, winning anything(i’m *kinda* competitive:), and when i get giddy in happiness for family and friends.

Now, onto the Ems.  If you didn’t know already, i’m obsessed with making awesome memories for my family.  So, we took Emery to the Pumpkin Patch yesterday for the 1st time!  It was SO fun to see her face and watch her run around and have fun with the huge pumpkins :)  She’s only 2, but boy oh boy, can she strike a pose!


Yay for Fall!ems arms upUntitled-1

Emery’s pumkin!IMG_4321ems in the patch dyoIMG_4264



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these photos are just precious – emery’s smile is contagious. so lovely!

grammie wonders

We do a happy dance together each week…..at grammie’s house.


Em’s baby blue’s make’s my eye’s water…love her. She’s totally rockin the chuck’s.

Matt (Jackie's Husband)

seeing those pictures of Emery makes me do a happy dance in my heart…as Michael Scott would say, “my heart is very full right now”.


Adorable! Marley has the same dress – they’re practically twinsies… ; )

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