It’s that time again…yep, Things i <3> i feel like i let 2 people down last week by not posting :) so, here it is, some more things i <3.

1. i <3 Office Supplies! i know it sounds super corny and weird, but i do. i always try and find a reason to buy them :) those animal rubber bands are killer!
i <3 Zince Letters from Anthropologie. so much, that i bought one this past weekend, in(yep, you guessed it) a W :)
i <3 These Glasses from Anthropologieof course ;} those colors make me all happy and warm inside.
i <3 Lemon Kitchen hand soap from Bath & Body Works!!! it smells so fresh and clean. aaahhh.
i<3 Pale pink shades of nail polish. always have, always will. it’s classic. found this image on Polyvore..that site is awesome!

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Kelly D.

I <3 things i <3 thursdays … and <3 you more and more because we <3 lots of the same things. i just bought a binder this week and it took me about 30 minutes to get out of the store – ha! … one more <3

Melissa McClure Photography

haha That file folder and the animal things are made by a company I used to work for. I may have even taken those product photos :)


i love your thursday blogs:) i just bought a black leather letter “C” with white stitching. i also have a love for office supplies. you rock.
love, charisa

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