Whenever i watch her dance and clap to music, hear her sing along to “Jesus Loves Me”, see her little face
light up when i ask her if she wants dessert or to watch an Elmo video, i try and hold it together and to not
bawl my eyes out(like i’m doing right now) because i’ve never loved anything more in this entire universe.
Emery makes Matt and me so proud and so incredibly happy.

These were taken by Matt’s mom after she was done frosting cupcakes ;)
she appropriately titled them: “what happens at grandma’s, stays at grandma’s”.
this is pretty much the cutest thing i’ve ever seen.

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Kim Hayes

adorable! i just found your blog and love your work!! ;)


Jackie! Your daughter is so precious! I am always so happy to see your statuses and blog postings about Emery and seeing how happy you are as a mother and how in love you are. It is so wonderful and it makes me excited to be a mommy someday! God Bless!

MaryAnn Ashley

Look at all that hair! She’s crazy cute!

Jamie Lawler

Yep, pretty dang cute alright!

I love these because they remind me of my mom baking yummies with her kitchen aid. The best part was always licking the bowl and the gadgets. Good memories.

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