The pressure was on…put-on by me of course :)  Whenever i get a request to do a shoot at Balboa Park (which is quite often), i always feel challenged to shoot it in a way that is different and not so cliche and repetitive.  Maybe it’s because you can Google an image of Balboa Park and 203583058 images of a bride and groom standing in front of the fountain shows up, or maybe it’s because whenever i’m there, i see about 50 other photographers all rallying for position in “the best” locations?!  Ya, maybe those are the reasons…

So, after talking ideas on where to shoot with Julie, she requested the park b/c she and Paul actually live right around the corner and spend a lot time there.  THAT made me so happy because my main goal is capture my clients’ lives.  What they do, who and what they are, where they go and hangout, etc.  Then to make it better, Julie suggested we start at the Vagabond Kitchen restaurant in South Park where she and Paul had their first date.  Even better!  Paul and Julie were so awesome and willing to do anything i asked of them and BOY OH BOY- did they work it :)  Enjoy!


Their dogs were like real children :)P&J065dog dypJ&P for blog


My favorite from the day.P&J046P&J045

This makes me melt.P&J118P&J119P&J109Paul & Julie- it was so great to see how much you both love each other and your fun personalities.  It makes my job pretty easy :)  Congratulations again!