your eyes meet and lock
flowered laced path heart races
i do, i do bridal piece for blog

Ever since my cousin Jamie(above) and her business partner, Jen, started their company, i’ve been completely obsessed with their amazing creations and creativity.  Of course, being family, i was also super proud.  So, i thought since i was absolutely gaga over these fun pieces for your head, that i would give one away!  Yes, you read that right- a headpiece giveaway!  I wanted to kick off this new logo and blog with something that meshed with my style and brand and what better than a!!  This piece was specifically made for brides-to-be, as it is white, sparkly and very fabulous!  And, since every comes with it’s own Haiku, like the one above, i thought it would be fun to see who could come up with the best Haiku !  So to be entered into the contest, you will need to submit a comment with a Haiku about…anything!  Can’t wait to see how creative you all are :)

And, since we all may be a little rusty when it comes to writing poetry(i know i am), here’s a little help to get you started- click here.

Contest Rules:

  • One entry per person.
  • Please leave a valid email address, as this is the way i will be notifying who wins.
  • Contest ends Sunday, June 21st – 12am, PST.
  • Feel free to be as creative as you want…pictures, video and hillarious stories are encouraged and welcomed!

Jen and Jamie – thank you ladys for sponsoring this awesome giveaway!



Sooooo… i’m going to France!  It’s pretty much going to be one of thee most awesome trips of my life, thus far.  I will be there from July 21-28(roughly) and will have bookings available.  So, if there so happens to be anybody who reads this little blog over there needing pictures, then drop me a line!  I would LOVE love love to do a shoot in Paris or Giverny.  And, about the image above.   I Googled France and this is the first image that popped up…not bad!


Joy LaMay

(i had to at least try….)

ever present love.
sweetness inviting me strong.
beautiful reaction.

*i miss you jackie wonders*

casey ryan

a plane and a friend
so many things to explore
don’t stop believing


It’s so beautiful!

Angels in heaven
Watching us on our great day
Wish you could be here

Adrienne Gunde

I really must look – Like a massive loser as – I count syllables. Aaah love haikus!! My friends and I used to write them for fun. And love FRANCE! Sooo lucky – can’t wait to see the images that result!!


disbelief. he’s mine ~ cupping my face in his hands ~ soft kisses. love him.

brooke bowland

you know i am totally wishing i had poetry skills right now. hmmm…i dont even know how to write a haiku! ha.
you light up a room
your laughter melts all of me
how i adore you
does that even count? hehe.

Catie Ronquillo

I hope you have an AMAZING time in France!! Giverny is beautiful, be sure to stop by Monet’s garden! I love France and can’t wait to go back. :)

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