Recently(like this past year), my parents cleaned out their garage and that meant i got my childhood delivered to my doorstep by them :)  I couldn’t believe the amount of boxes that kept coming and coming!  Ya, it’s kind of sad because you want to hold on to every little thing that you remember, as it validates your life and that you are you.  At least for me, they do.  My life is so drastically different than anything i could have ever dreamed or imagined it would be, so those little trinkets, chotchkies and mementos keep me grounded and real-  my little stones of remembrance, if you will.  So, as i was sifting through my New Kids On the Block game and tapes, Sweet Valley High books, trophies, awards, pictures, and Lisa Frank stickers and erasers, I became SO excited, yet again, to help my own daughter experience an amazing childhood that she’ll take with her for the rest of her life.  It’s in those little erasers, barbie dolls and care bears(for the guys, i guess i could say GI Joes and Batmans) that we become who we are.  So, here are some images of my chotchkies.  I decided i would throw them away, ONLY if i had images to capture that they existed :)

YOU’RE SO JEALOUS. This little guy was used and abused.  I remember playing some MJ Black and White on this bad boy!

Before we go any further, let me digress….I was a total sports girl as far back as i could remember.  And, yes, my maiden name was Young, so i didn’t move too far up in the alphabet…at least i got a cool last name, eh?!  One more token to add….i was a competitive bowler for 12+ years.  Yes, the kind who wear skirts and shirts with names on them..there, i said it on the world wide web.  i feel free! You *know* you want one of those bowling trophies!!

I was a cute and stylish Pee Wee Bowler in 1988. Is that a belt around my sweatshirt?  it sure is!  “High Game: 71”  { THIS CONFIRMS THE AWESOME }

Yep :)  Read ’em and weep.

I hope you enjoyed a glimpse into my past… *sigh*

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