*UPDATE* Spots have been filled for the little gtg.  BUT, i would love for you to comment below if this is something you would be interested in doing in the future!  And, what are some things that you would like to know about…FAQ style?!  Thanks!

First thing’s first- I, Jacqueline Danielle Wonders, in no way, shape or form claim to know it all, know how to do it all, photograph it all, etc.  But, since I do get quite a few emails from other photographers asking for help or advice in certain areas, I thought I would see if any new photographers would want to meet up and talk shop?! (and also help me feed my never-ending “need” for caffeine)  If you are interested, we will be meeting MONDAY FEBRUARY 1st @ 7:30PM.  I am trying to keep the number of people that we have meet at 5-7 so it could be kind of intimate and not overwhelming for anyone.  Email me if you are interested and i can get you a few more details as they come!

AAAAANND, since i feel like a blog post is naked without a photo, here’s one from a recent shoot i did with the UBER talented ladies over at Posh Paperie, Carter & Cook Event Co., and The Floral Lab for a new online wedding magazine, Nonpareil,  that is sent to launch in February!

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