To make a 15 year story short, I’ve known Katie since I was 11 and she was 12(maybe 13) and we played Volleyball, Basketball and Softball together.  Yep, we were jocks :)  She’s such an incredible athlete, and appropriately, that is how she and Ben met!  He played baseball and she played volleyball in college, they fell in love, got married and now have AVERY!  I have to admit: i wanted to bite her cheeks off the entire time.  She was such a good girl and put up with 3 outfit changes without a wince.  I love seeing my life come full circle when i get these great moments.  Enjoy :)

And, a few of Ben and Katie alone :)

Ben, Kaite & Avery- thank you so much for having me document your new, sweet family.

Love, Jackie

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