When I walked into this party for sweet Kalieh (before little hands destroyed it’s beauty!), I was floored.  This by far is one of THEE most adorable, well thought out children’s birthdays I’ve ever seen.  This party was designed by the AMAZING Vicky Hudgins of The City Cradle.  She’s the designer/coordinator of this party(and many other great ones) and i have to give her some mad props.  And, how awesome is it that Kalieh’s mom Hope helped Vicky with some of these deets?!  Makes it even better :)  PLEASE go see Vicky’s sweet, creative and informative blog.  There are tons of DIY’s, ideas, and inspiration.  AND, go HERE to see how it ALL came together and for some custom label downloads!  Now, onto the party :)

Thank you for coming to my party ♥

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