Adam and Dana are amazingly passionate people.  That is the first word that comes to my mind when i think of them together, as a couple: Passionate.  After our Engagement Session back in November, i KNEW that their wedding at the Miramonte in Indian Wells would be something special.  Not because of the decor, or details or killer dress and shoes (which were not lacking in the least bit), but because of their roots, their family- where they came from.  I knew that people who are that passionate had to have been shown it in their life…and i was right.  Adam and Dana’s love was SO evident in the lives around them on their wedding day, and it was incredibly infectious.  And, as per usual at a wedding, i cried at least once :)  Here is part 1 of their day:

Thank you to Megan Plenge for coming along for the ride to the desert and grabbing some great images for me:

First look..highly recommended and incredibly amazing. 


Dana, i know you were a tad under the weather…never would’ve known it. You’re so gorgeous.

Thanks to Joey Lizotte of Artisan Events and April Seuss of the Bride and I, and their AMAZING teams!  They did an incredible job with the florals and overall design of this wedding! 

My favorite of the day!

There’s a *tad* more to share from Adam & Dana’s fabulous wedding- stay tuned!

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