After many emails and a rescheduled shoot, i was finally able to photograph the Love between Xiao & Tracy!  It makes me so happy when i see my couples walk up wearing COLOR!   They were REALLY good at looking into the camera (Xiao) and posing gracefully like a little doll (Tracy), that it made my job kinda easy!   I can’t wait to photograph their wedding this June!

AND, on a photographer’s note: This was my very first shoot using a 45mm F/2.8 Tilt/Shift lens. What do you think?!  I’M IN LOVE.  Thus, my vow and credo goes:

“I promise to not over-do it with the Tilt Shift lens.  I promise that i will not use this lens for EVERY SINGLE IMAGE.  I promise to use it sparingly and make my assistant rip it from my hands if need-be.” – Jackie Wonders


I love this set.

My favorite of the day!

Xiao & Tracy- Thanks for letting me be overly detailed with you about every shot :)  I LOVED the way your images turned out and am so excited for your wedding day!

Love, Jackie

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