I have to come clean: i was like 2 thoughts away from not offering my Thursday ramblings. Probably b/c i didn’t blog since last Thursday :) But, here they are. i stuck to my guns., but sorry no links.  btw- i was informed that my “hearts” (thanks Cah) are not coming through on some screens.  So, I’ve switched over to <3…meh.

1. i <3 Sally Hansen’s Diamond Shine topcoat nail polish. it smells like paint thinner, but makes your nail polish seem invincible.
2. i <3 Cutie oranges. Since i try and not eat sugar but once a week, i’ve been snacking on these when i need a sugar fix. Emery loves them too!
3. i <3 Tide Lavender & Vanilla detergent
the smell alone gives me the desire to bury myself under my hot laundry…like a commercial or something :)
4. i <3 Enjoy Straightener serum…it’s BOMB.
i love anything Enjoy, but my pocketbook doesn’t :(  it makes my hair straight after blow drying and it smells divine.
5. i <3 Note cards.
it’s kinda like a compulsive disorder or something!?!? i think there’s something special about keeping the handwritten note alive and kickin’.

san diego wedding photogrpher