I have to come clean: i was like 2 thoughts away from not offering my Thursday ramblings. Probably b/c i didn’t blog since last Thursday :) But, here they are. i stuck to my guns., but sorry no links.  btw- i was informed that my “hearts” (thanks Cah) are not coming through on some screens.  So, I’ve switched over to <3…meh.

1. i <3 Sally Hansen’s Diamond Shine topcoat nail polish. it smells like paint thinner, but makes your nail polish seem invincible.
2. i <3 Cutie oranges. Since i try and not eat sugar but once a week, i’ve been snacking on these when i need a sugar fix. Emery loves them too!
3. i <3 Tide Lavender & Vanilla detergent
the smell alone gives me the desire to bury myself under my hot laundry…like a commercial or something :)
4. i <3 Enjoy Straightener serum…it’s BOMB.
i love anything Enjoy, but my pocketbook doesn’t :(  it makes my hair straight after blow drying and it smells divine.
5. i <3 Note cards.
it’s kinda like a compulsive disorder or something!?!? i think there’s something special about keeping the handwritten note alive and kickin’.

san diego wedding photogrpher



Your “hearts” have been showing up on my screen! :) I agree with you about hand written notes! It’s so personal and can be romantic at times too!


i love anything that smells like paint thinner! haha, you’re so funny. have you checked out the kirkland environmentally friendly laundry detergent (that’s the actual name…)? its cheap, does like 3458907245 (got that from you!) loads and smells like lavender. how could it get any better?


almost bought the diamond shine the other day…i’ll go back and get it.
so funny, i was thinking yesterday as i’m putting the clothes away that i borrowed from you…i wonder what detergent you use? it smells amazing!

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