If you’ve been reading my blog for a while, you know how much I’m  obsessed with my daughter, Emery.  Sometimes Matt and I just sit and watch her do her “thang”, whether it’s dancing, singing into her echoe-ing microphone with her eyes shut, making a Celine Dion expression.  Or it may be when she makes us kiss each other by pushing our faces together, or by saying random stuff in her funny low voice.  Whatever she does, it’s perfect(in our eyes anyway!).  I can’t imagine my life without her in it.  I can’t believe the person i used to be before Emery came into my life.  She has made me be more honest and true to myself, more loving, more empathetic…more everything.  It’s such a blessing to see your child the way God sees them and to know that He loves them more than i every will.

Now, here are some of the THINGS I ♥ about my daughter(not that there are only 5):

  1. That she’s a beam of light to the world and a blessing to those around her
  2. Her calm and mellow personality is a big blessing to me…she’s just like her dad :)
  3. Her blonde hair and blues are stunning.  She doesn’t even look like my kid!
  4. that her 2 little front teeth have grown in un-even. So one is more descended than the other- so cute!
  5. that she gets funnier and funnier ever day and that her silly sense of humor and little personality- everything i prayed for for her- is coming out and i love. it makes us so happy.

Emery Luz Mikell Wonders, i love you, my girl.  HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

So, to celebrate her 2 years of being a Wonders, here are some images to show off my super awesome kid :)

cutestoneyet edited for BLOGemery_14 for BLOGems sea world1-blogems tryptichpretty emery3- for webems frosting 4ems pjs bw for BLOGems and wheel cart for BLOGems merry go round BLOG

We love her more than she knows.