This week we have a special guest edition of “Things I Love Thursday” with yours truly…Matt Wonders (Jackie’s husband). So here we go…

  1. I ♥ Nacho Libre. This is one of the funniest movies ever made and how it did not get an academy award is beyond me. I try to incorporate Nacho quotes into my everyday life, for example “mucho take it easy” or “save me a piece of dat corn”.
  2. I ♥ Wipeout. Once again quality entertainment at its finest. The Johns that commentate the show are hilarious. People get so worked on this show and i love it. My daughter, Emery, watches the show with me and cracks up laughing as well. I’m thinking about trying out so i can show people how it’s done.
  3. I ♥ Stardust Donuts. This place has the best donuts in the world. There is only one things that draws you to Stardust Donuts…and that is the donuts. The guys that run/own/make the donuts are very”sketchy and suspect” if you know what i mean. The have weird hours and are only open at random times. And they have the worst customer service. I only got the guy to say two words once and they were “pure butter” because I asked him why the donuts are sooo good? and that was his reply…”pure butter”.
  4. I ♥ My BBQ. I love to BBQ and I love my wife and… I love the fact that my wife won me this BBQ on The Price is Right (along with a truck)!!! My favorite thing to grill is steak, of course, but burgers, hot dogs, salmon, mahi mahi, and even corn on the cob are some of my favorites. There is just a certain type of magic that happens when you mix fire with food…and it’s spelled B-B-Q!
  5. I ♥ Channel Islands Surfboards. Al Merrick makes the best surfboards period. All of the best surfers in the world ride his boards…Kelly, Curren, Machado, Reynolds, Jordy, etc etc etc. I just don’t know what exactly it is, but for some reason, a Merrick just out-rides and out-performs all other boards. BTW I am hoping my wife will buy me one for Christmas this year…HINT HINT HINT!!!

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Aaaand, I (Jackie) have regained control over this post :)  I just wanted to let you all know that i will be heading out of town tomorrow, for the weekend, to photograph a wedding in the ever-fun Las Vegas!  So, if i don’t respond on email or call right away, please know that i will contact you Monday.   Thanks!