I could say so much about these two.  But, really,  the core of them and their lives is to say how much they have blessed people around the world, how they have helped transform lives and especially how they have shown the love of the Lord to so many people.  Miles McPherson and his wonderful wife Debbie never had a traditional wedding.  They were married on a whim in Las Vegas 25 years ago.  So, they decided to renew their marriage vows and to include their family, friends and the Lord.  It was so wonderful to see 2 people who are still so in love after 25 years and 3 kids!   Since the ceremony and reception were pretty short, we took the majority of the photos in the Coronado on the beach…Enjoy!!


Debbie getting her makeup done by my good friend and AMAZING make up artist, Davia MatsonMD010

Programs and bookmarks designed by the lovely ladies of Posh Paperie.  I was loving that little poppy flower :)posh dypaisleMD091

My favorite part of the whole day was that their 3 children married them.  They each took a part of the marriage vows, rings, etc. and each wrote and read a letter to each of their parents.  It was a very emotional and touching ceremony.MD105Untitled-1MD247MD308

Then it was off to Coronado Beach for some fun portrait time in some aaaaammmazzing light.  What an good looking fam!MD385miles girlsMD415MD403md beach1MD463hands

As i was trying to set up my next shot, Miles says ” should we run?”  and i said “YES!”  And, this is what we got .LOVE.MD447

So, as i was doing some individual shots, Miles gave me this little series…IT.IS.SO.MILES.  :)miles laughMD477MD438MD550

Debbie, you are fierce- and you worked it…yes, you did :)MD475


My favorite of the day.MD538

Miles, Debbie, Kelly, Kimee, and Miles- THANK YOU so much for allowing me and my camera to be part of your wonderful day and to help you make another 25+ years of memories.

Love, Jackie

Special thanks to:

Post Paperie

Davia Matson

Heaven Sent Desserts


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Kahn Holliday

I was so blessed to see this. Congratulations to you the McPherson family, my church family! I habe been attending the rock since its first month back at SDSU, Montezuma Hall. It truly blesses me to see this after so many years. Thank you for your godly example as a God fearing, God honoring couple.


This synopsis of Pastor Miles and Debbie’s Vow Renewal and the pictures on the seashore was simply beautiful. They have a beautiful family.Blessings.
Respectfully, Patricia

Arnetta Cooke

Greetings in the name of Our Dear Lord!!!!! This was so awesome to behold!!! You had me in tears. Every picture, told it’s own story. Thank you for sharing. While I do not know Mrs. Debbie, I as a teacher at the Mark Twain Jr High School in Modesto, CA when I invited and was Blessed to have him come talk to a packed assembly of our students some 20+ years ago.

He was a motivational speaker at that time with an organization called something like Athletes for Christ. My memory is not as clear about those days. I was just a teacher wanting to make a difference and concerned about how our children get pulled into the glitz of the “Athletes World”, not realizing all the pitfalls.

It is a Blessing to see how the story has evolved. Now, my daughter and family attend Pastor McPherson’s church as time permits down in San Diego. To the McPherson Family–God’s many Blessings over the next 25+ years!!!!

Blessings to You as well for being an AWESOME Family Friend!!!! God Bless You and your Continued Work on film!!!!! You have a wonderful gift!!!!

Rena Heath

My husband just came back from the San Diego 2012 Promise keepers and he said it was great. He especially enjoyed Pastor Mcpherson. I came across your wedding pictures. They are lovely!!
You both look refreshed and renewed. May God continuue to bless your lives as you do His will in the earth.


Beautiful pictures! I really love the dresses! Would you happen to know where the bridemaids’ dresses are from??? I have a friend planning a wedding and she fell in love w/ the gorgeous gowns. :)




I am believing God for my first marriage even though some say I am beyond the time for marriage appeal. But I have FAITH in God and these photos and Miles’ preaching on relationships and marriage have increased my ability to believe.

Thank you for these anointed and beautiful photographs capturing the covenant as God created it to be.


awwww….that was soooo beautiful. thank you for sharing with us. i go to calvary chapel downey and that is where i first saw miles. he was awesome as he still is. the Lord has used and is using him mightily. i am going on 18yrs. of marriage on march 14. we to where married in vegas and have not had a traditional marriage. we had thought maybe at five years but that hasn’t happened. we also have three adorable young teens now. 17, 15, and 12. wow!! to someday (maybe 25yrs also) be able to have a traditional wedding would be a blessing for our family and friends. i just can’t imagine though. time goes by so quick and so many things come up. but i just wanted to say “it can happen” and this has given me something that could be possible for me and my husband and family. miles, continue to share the gospel as you do MY KIDS LOVE YOU and how you share the message. we have been to THE ROCK twice when we have been in san diego. again, my kids love it. anyway that the LORD can use someone to share the good news and for our youth to understand and receive is so awesome. again, thanks for sharing and your wife is and looked so BEAUTIFUL and so blessed. may our GOD continue to bless you, your ministry, your family, and just all you do. GOD BLESS <3

nell rahimi

I have been listening to the radio show of pastor Miles years, we moved here from colo springs. I have been blessed to get closer and grown in the gospel of life in Christ Jesus. I pray for your beautiful family and may you and lovely wife be around till return of Lord and save many spirits. God bless and keep you all in his awsome protection and love. I know many people that their children walked away from Jesus, and coming to your chruch totally where saved again, I hope and pray for my Cyrus 18 Torrey pines may Lord willing future baskeball player. Will come back to knowing Christ Jesus is the only way in this dark world! My daughter Roxy going for modeling, that may she find joy and love is only in trusting God, I pray that they be invited by some poeple to come to Rock! I know and trust our Lord my prayers have been heard and my children will submit their lives to Christ! Thank you and God bless. I will see if I can get car pool of children High school age to come to your church with my cousin Jamie Palizban. Happy 25 years of joy and growing in your love and faith in Christ Jesus. Nell

Kristine Farell

My son, Ryan Lashlee has been attending your church for about a year, and is involved with the Jr.High Minstry. I went to your church’s website just to learn more about The Rock. What a blessing it has been to view these beautiful pictures. What a gifted photographer you are. And what a wonderfully blessed family the Mcphersons are. T
hank you.


Jackie, these pics of our pastor and his family are some of the best I’ve ever seen! Great job and I know who to refer people to from now on for pictures!

Anita Lawrence-Nicholas

Congratulations cousin Miles! The Campbell-Lawrence family pray another 25 years of happiness for you and your wife.

love always your cousin,

Melo-de Savage

Beautiful expressions of love, laughter, and family. God Bless you with your faithfulness and committment to serve our Lord, your family, and His family. In His Love….

Junnuen Lerma

What can I say… the pictures are WONDERFUL!!! Jackie you have such a great gift. Miles Family look gorgeous every single picture. Thanks to you folks for share your blessings with us. I can wait to visit the Rock.

Allison Davis

Such a beautiful day and beautiful moments- it was just a very touching story through photos – tear may or may not have formed… :) Wonderful work!!

Minna Hoody

What could I possibly say about your amazing work that hasn’t already been said…. I sat in the very front row at Pastor Miles’ wedding and I watched you work….there was sooooo much passion. I could see the love that you pour into what you do. Wow, girl…

I can’t wait to get married……at least the photographer has already been found <3
minna binna

Lisa Johnson

hi jackie! it’s chris and lisa johnson. the pictures you took were so beautiful. you have such a gift. Thank you so much for sharing them with us!
God Bless You!
Chris and Lisa

Michelle Matos

Jackie- What a gift you have in capturing the moment of love in these photos!! Thank you for blessing Chris and I in our upcoming wedding. I am sooooo excited!


WOW! THAT was phenomenally GREAT! Thanks for sharing and bringing hope to those who still believe in marriage! I am blessed seeing you guys blessed! Many rich blessings continue to flow your way! Beautiful children – they take wonderful pics also! A PICTURE PERFECT family! Must have been a great fight with the enemy to have lasted this long – You guys must be high ranking warriors!!!! Can’t wait to see you in the FAITH HALL OF FAME! Shalom and God bless you with every good blessing!!! I am encouraged!!!!!

Dyan Nelson

Wow!!! I was wishing we could get a peek at their albumn!!! and here it is!!!! What a privilege to just be invited to the wedding!!!!Proof that a church of 15k or so can also be FAMILY!!!
Thank Miles and Debbie for sharing this very, very, special moment with us all!!! A memory that will last a lifetime!!! We love you!!!
Your Front Row Fan,
Doug and Dyan XXOO

Dee Sanchez

Debbie Miles and children : It’s been an honor being a part of your family and being your hairstylist for the past ten years, you and Miles are our role models and I pray the Lord blessess you both with another 25yrs. or more together…. Love Dee and ED

Rowland Eaden

This is such a eye opener! Thanks for sharing. The one picture that brings it all together for me. Is the picture you Miles and only one eye is visiable! My first thought was I got my eye on you. (God of course is speaking to me thru Miles) Fear trembled beneath me! =)

In all these are some great pictures! Great job at capturing love at it’s finest! There truly is a Cliff and Claire Huxtable in real life! May god continue to bless your union! (I)ntercede on your behalf in my prayers… AWCIPA!

Gretchen Mitchell

I absolutely love the photos! They truly captured not just the joy in that day, but the true love that Miles and Debbie have for each other. Absolutely beautiful!! Awesome work!!

Hope Levon Zamichieli

Thanks for sharing such a special time in your lives with The Rock congregation. Thanks for sharing the photos. You are a beautiful family, awesome role models and a true inspiration to many. It goes to show Luke 1:37 – “Nothing is impossible with God”.

Rena Holguin

What a gorgeous album & family!! I’m so glad that our family was part of the McPherson’s special day!! I have a friend that is getting married in November. I will show her your work.
You’ve captured some great shots of the family.


Pics brought tears to my eyes. Not only is your work AWESOME but it was made even more magical by the love you KNOW you were capturing!

Kara Lamb

Absolutely amazing/gorgeous photos! You did an incredible job; Pastor Miles and Debbie and children look stunning :)


wow, so beautiful pics on such beautiful and amazing people. i wasn’t able to make it on their day but these pics had tears streaming down my cheeks. because of them and their life is simple and pure proof to mee and people areound the world that GOD is so real.

Marianne K

OMG.. these pictures are breathtaking …. i absolutely love your work.. now i know who to contact in the future!!.. God Bless!


Congratulations to Miles and Debbie and the Fam!
Beautiful wedding pics, Janet! I live 450 miles away, so enjoyed watching the wedding online. To another 25 years!


Wow!!, I’m new at your church, but I already love you all!!, It gives so much Joy and Hope to all of us who are trying to believe in second chances to see that great love in between you.
God Bless you

Lisa Rodriguez

Jackie … you are an awesome photographer. When I have my special day I will be looking you up. You captured the most precious moments of Miles and Debbbie. My hats off to you. Great job!


Wow! What beautiful photos!!! I LOVE the color, the depth, the composition! May God continue to bless you and use your amazing talent for His glory!

Alysia Manzano

I’ve know Debbie and Miles for 25 years and I’m a better person for knowing them. I’m so happy for them and wish them all the happiness in the world ! ! ! These are beautiful pictures of a beautiful family!

Valerie Ellinor

I was unable to attend the McPherson wedding, but now, after viewing these photos, I feel like was there. You certainly captured the moment! Thank you for sharing….I will definately keep you name for furture reference.

Mori Bell

Jackie- These are some of the best wedding photos I’ve seen! You are so talented! These pics make me want to get married all over again, too :)

Jill Peterson

Wow…….those are awesome pictures. It looks like it was a really special, fun day. Here’s to another 25 happy years for Miles & Debbie.

miles mcpherson

These are the best pictures we have ever had.
Deb said she felt like a Queen for the day.

Now she is a Queen forever.

You captured ever ounce of the magic we experienced.

Thank you.

debby andrews

Great photos, Jackie! You really do awesome work! These photos really capture their personalities!

Jenny Lindsey

As aways your pictures are beautiful! You captured their love, devotion and romance perfectly!

jen berry

WOW. First of all i can’t believe they are old enough to be married 25 years. Secondly, the whole entire family is gorgeous. Lastly, you reaffirmed all my statements and you gave them spectacular memories. I think I love your favorite as well. Also love the laughter photos and the running.

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