Since i had such a fun time in Paris and Giverny, France, i decided to show off some things i loved about the trip.   I’m making it just in the knick of time- it’s still Thursday west coast time :)  And, sadly, no collage this time, it just didn’t work :)

I ♥ These ladybugs that were painted all over the little town called Vernon (in the country).  They were everywhere.  how awesome is that?!

ladybugs and feet

I ♥ Our breakfast in Montmartre.  Breakfast in France consists of bread, jam, honey, bread, coffee in a bowl (yes, i drank it out of the bowl and it was YUMMY) and more bread.  The bread is RIDICULOUSLY good as are all of the pastries :)  breakfast

I ♥ Old churches.  This is a shot taken inside the Cathédrale Notre Dame de Paris.  I’m really in love with this image.  church for blog

I ♥ this high-end pastry shop called Laduree.  Their window displays (i’m such a sucker for window display design!) were SO adorable!!!  Doesn’t this window just make you want to spend $2390583 on treats?!?!!  My little 6 Euro tarte was SO.GOOD.- SO.WORTH.IT.ladureee

I ♥ The jams in France.  I pretty much slathered jam on my bread every chance i could get!  jams

More to come soon :)