I seriously can’t tell you how funny i think it is that people actually miss when i don’t post this!!  i never thought it would be something many looked forward to, but i guess it is :)  So, without too much extra chatter, some things i ♥.

1. I ♥ MY NEW “CREDENZA”!!  Matt and i took a very mini-vacay to the fabulous and wonderful oasis that is Palm Springs, last week.  On our way out of the the city, i wanted to hit up every single antique and thrift store…blog post coming soon :)  So, stopped at Revivals and we found this dresser, originally in yellow with white trim, for….$89!  seriously, i couldn’t believe it!  we are so stoked, we’re using it in our living room to put our tv on.  and, obviously, i need new knobs…anybody have any suggestions?!  i’ll love you forever if you find some cool knobs for it :)

2. I ♥ Skinny Cow mint ice cream sandwhiches.  YYUUUMMM.

3. I ♥ My oil burners.  These work SO much better than candles(in my humble opinion) and are so cute!

4. I ♥ my new Wallpaper book that Matt got for me at Borders.  it was only $4 and such a rad coffee table item, right?!  i tried finding a link, but no dice.

5. I ♥ these Salt and Pepper birds from where else, Target :)  Shocker.  I’ve been eyeing them for a looong time- broke down and got’em.   They were just too cute and sooo me.

things i love


Now you can add:

6. Orange Turtle Photography – for shooting the most AMAZING family photos! ;)

Seriously, they are gorgeous!! Love them ALL!


Have you tried checking Anthropology for new knobs? I think they have some there that could be neat!

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