1. I ♥ Homemade iced coffee drinks.  Over the past few months, Matt and i have started to have less and less time to finish our coffee in the morning.  So, our solution has been to stick it in the refrigerator to keep it fresh and at night pour it on ice and it’s so good!  He likes to add some chocolate syrup in it for some extra flair ;)
  2. I ♥ Discovery.  This music is some pretty awesome stuff. you can find it on itunes- of course :)
  3. I ♥ Stillmotion videographers.  Yes, they’re in Canada, but they’re amazing at what they do.  i just like to watch their highlight videos(or same day edits) and imagine myself being married to Matt all over again and having them video it…SIGH.
  4. I ♥ Facebook.  OK, i know, super cheesy that i put this in here…but SERIOUSLY, it’s an amazing tool.  I love seeing family, friends, clients and clients who become friends on there.  And getting to share their images with their friends on my group page is so fun!  i love to help people feel like the biggest deal in the universe…because, really, they are.  So, come one and “amigo request” me (as my husband would call it) and let’s be FB friends!!
  5. I ♥ Emery eating ice cream.  She seriously lights up every single time she has it.  even if it’s a few bites(or one huge kid cone), it doesn’t matter.  Oh, and if it has sprinkles, WATCH OUT WORLD!  She’ll hug anyone or anything…seriously cute stuff.  The image below is of her eating a cone last week in OB.  It was taken with Matt’s camera phone, which he swears is better than some professional cameras…OK…right….

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wow…so get this…the other night I was on facebook, listening to Discovery, and drinking my iced (leftover) coffee. I have a daughter named Emery who loves ice cream and a wife who does photography that showed me a video online by stillmotion…it’s a small world after all.


OOoooo I love me some Facebook too! :) So addicting and oh so much fun seeing family in another state and old high school friends all grown up! Right there with you Jackie!

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