Welcome to the world Elle ♥

World, meet baby Elle.  Her parents are Chris and Carly, and they are two of the most amazing people i’ve ever met in my life.  I love this family :)

Elle, I love you a lot already.  You’re going to help change the world :)

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michele dyson

What a beautiful little lady ; you can feel the love in these images:) I’m sitting here listening to Stevie Nicks and opened this post…..totally tearing up. They will be so very thankful to have these….don’t you just love your job?!

Nancy McGurn

Thank you for sharing your world with us. Elle is beautiful. You have a wonderful family. Angarita babies are delightful!
Love to all.


tearing up. best day of my life. thank you so much for being such an amazing friend and visiting us in the hospital! love you tons. xo

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