“Merry Christmas mom & dad!”

Taylor and Lindsay wanted to give their parents the gift of themselves for Christmas…on a fine art print :)  We had so much fun during the shoot because these two have giant, enormous personalities that are so contagious.  So it was hard not to post but i had to wait until after Christmas to show these fun images because i didn’t want to ruin a great gift and i’m HORRIBEL at keeping a surprise :)  Let’s start with my favorite from the day!!

T&L- I had such a fun time photographing your brother/sister bond :)  You two were cracking me up the whole time and i love how your wonderful personalities came through in each shot. Thanks again!

Love, Jackie

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somehow i missed this post! i LOVE these. seeing siblings having fun together is so cool. i so wish you could have captured photos like these of me and my brothers. impossible though – i’m guessing you weren’t even in kindergarten then. *grin*
awesome photos j!


Hi- I am Lindsay and Taylor’s Aunt. OH MY GOSH- AMAZING. Can I just hug you over the net??? Thank you for capturing my very favorite people so perfectly!!


this is one of my favorite families in the entire world. you did an AMAZING job capturing their personalities!

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