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I had so much fun documenting Nikki’s every expanding belly!   Since i knew Nikki and Nate through a mutual friend(Hey Tara!), i knew what Nikki looked like pre-preggo…and when she stepped out of the car, the only change i saw in her was her bump!  Everything else about her looked exactly the same…can’t say… Read more »


This past week, all i can think to myself is “wow, i love that I get to do what I do for a living.” Since I recently had the privilege to photograph two wonderful people, Todd and Carolyn- well, 3 if you count baby Jackson :), it reminded me even more of how much i… Read more »


I had the fantastic pleasure of photographing Jack and Andrea’s little baby bump :)  I met them thru two of my most amazing clients, Mike & Stephanie.  I’m pretty sure little Luke is going to be one handsome little guy with lots of spunk and funny jokes(he’ll get that from his parents:)  I encourage all… Read more »