Welcome to my new blog!  I cannot believe i’m finally unveiling the brand spankin’ new look of the Jackie Wonders brand!  It’s been in my mind for a long time and i’ve been really patient, but i couldn’t wait any longer!  You’ll notice a new logo, updated site, new blog, etc.  Everything is still in a process of getting the finishing touches, but i wanted to unveil this now, rather than wait any longer.  There was a slight delay in getting this post going and finalizing it all because – in a short story- i messed a lot up because i’m not a tech-ee genius.  But, my new friend, Steve Benoit, came to my rescue and fixed it all.  Thank you Steve!

So, “why the feather?” you ask…  Well, i reall feel that this one, simple item represents so much of my work and style.  The feather is timeless, romantic, always modern, royal, artistic and a little indie.  And, of course, it’s the epitome of the Vintage-Modern style.  I plan to do so many cool things with this new brand and will share with you all as they unfold.  And, if things couldn’t get better, i plan on doing some giveaways that will be pretty spectacular in the next month, so stay tuned for those as well!

*Please note:  my old blog was “damaged” in the process, so.  The site domain should be the same, but if for some reason it isn’t, PLEASE update your RSS feeder and bookmarks with


And, because i feel kinda weird when i post without a pretty picture, here’s a teaser from Phil & Amanda’s super fun wedding last Saturday.