I wish i looked like Marianne when i was pregnant.  I had to keep telling her to stick out her stomach more because she’s so tiny!  I definitely can’t say the same about myself when i was 7 months, HA!  Richard and Marianne were little mold-able pieces of clay that let me do whatever i wanted with them…i love that ;)  And, for that, i feel like we got some GREAT images for their new little baby girl, Evangeline, to look back on one day.  SIGH…  Enjoy :)

they laugh a ton together :)

There’s just *something* about this image that i adore.

My favorite of the day!R&M- Being around you two and your love was infectious.   I wanted to go home that night and have another baby :)  I can’t wait to see Evangeline and how adorable she will be!!!  Thank you again for having me there to document a great moment in your lives.

Love, Jackie

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