Paris, anyone? oui oui!

I thought i would just throw it out there-here-anywhere one last time…I will be in Paris, France(!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) from July 21st-29th.  If you know a young couple (married or not) who wants new photos and would be interested in doing a fun shoot there in the city, let them know i’ll be there and to drop me a line- quick!  I am going to *try* to do a giveaway or two during the trip out there, so stay tuned to see what if i can actually pull it off!  I know i don’t need an excuse to put up pictures of my kid, so here you go :)

this one was from when she had thumb surgery a couple months back.  my kid rocks.

biker ems for web

first lolli.lolli for web


brooke bowland

um yah. jealous! hope it rocks…how can it not??
she is way too cute for words. look at that little bandage. hope she healed up well and that it wasnt too hard on mommy!


i love to see shots of your lil on. she’s soooo cute. Have fun in Paris. It is soooo amazing.

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