Oh man, the Neeley family’s session was probably one of the funnest times I’ve ever had shooting a family!  Each one of them were hysterical and witty and I’m pretty sure i was busting up laughing the ENTIRE TIME!  The family decided to hold the shoot at their house because it holds so much sentimental value.  They host so many parties, weddings, birthdays and it’s grand kids come and play.  I had so much fun photographing them i hope you all get the contagious smiling that i got from them :)

Let’s start with Penni and Dale- oh my goodness, i LOVE these two.  They are out-of-this-world awesome.


When i saw them busting out wine and cigars, i became ridden with giddiness :)  They rock!Neeley023Untitled-1

Penny, you are fierce, my friend- fierce.Neeley096Neeley022

Some cute deets.deets

Then, it was onto Josh and Jenny, daughter and son-in-law time.  They were equally adorable, just you see….Neeley106Neeley105Neeley042

My fave of the day- Josh’s idea to climb up there!!  Neeley045

Samantha was the darling who got the session for her family as a gift.  Since she was there, i forced her to jump in a few shots..and this was one of them…i LOVE it :)Neeley088

Neely family- you guys rocked my world and i’m soooo grateful to have been able to capture just a glimpse of your awesome family.  Thank you!!!

Love, Jackie



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Thank you again Jackie (for the millionth time)! We had such a blast and my family is blown away by the pics! Love them!


I am so glad Sam had you come out and take photos of her family. Love that guy Josh like a brother.


I love this session! It’s so real and perfect for this family…even though I don’t know them but it seems like you captured them at their best. so fun! I’m excited to meet you at the lyon-shop in a few weeks!

Heidi R.

I love these! You are so great at unique family portraits, Jackie. I’m gonna have to study your stuff for inspiration for my next shoot! ;)

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