We are so comfortable where we are sometimes that it hurts to move or change..or even think about doing those things.  Jared and Ilea have been living the life of servants and haven’t been so comfortable.  They met while Ilea started working for a nonprofit that aided abused, prostituted and broken spirited African women.  I don’t want to try and explain everything they have endured,  but know that they are some of the strongest people i know.  Their most recent project is empowering African women in Rwanda to work and make money in the fashion industry.  Yes, you heard me right!!  Go to their website to learn all about KEZA and see how they are making a difference…a big one.  Now, onto some fun!


My favorite of the day!  (Jared’s cuff by KEZA).behappyJI007

Ilea’s necklace is also a KEZA creation….GORGEOUS.togethercityscape

UBUNTU = “I am what I am because of who we all are”.  Beautiful…JI185

Jared & Ilea- you two are amazing, amazing people who are gonna rock life and change the world together!  I’m so happy that you found each other :)

Love, Jackie

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anne musisi

Nice photos esp B&W. May your partnership continue to shine…
Hugs from UG xxx Anne


r u serious! dang girl, ilea is just beautiful…and jared aint too bad either. Great job Jax.


Dang! i love this! Recipe for awesomeness and beautful hearts….huge blesssings to you my freinds!


Thanks so much for this Jackie. We’re so blessed by you. You have an incredible gift. Love you.

B Lo

damn, i have good looking friends. you rocked this, jax. seriously. love it!

Simeon Rodgers

Beautiful people, beautiful hearts, awesome mission, awesome shoot and funky jewelry! I love it! So kewl to hear of what they are doing. Africa is such a broken place. I love to see people plugging in to help out over there. More power to you both! Great shoot Jackie; I am sure their wedding will be a sight to see as well.

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