M.I.A. is probably my new middle name these days.  But, you know what, I’m giving myself a break and some grace and enjoying my new baby!  World, I’m proud to officially introduce my new, sweet, beautiful daughter to the world…

Born April 6, 2011. –  11:12 am. –  7lbs 9oz.


Since our little baby had to the NICU right away (look up COOMBS), and I was in bed unable to move (c-section), I didn’t get to take any real pictures of her immediately after her birth.  I’m still trying to not be bitter or angry about it and just accept that it’s the way it had to go down.  Here’s some of the only images I was able to capture from my bed.

Emery was ECCSTATIC to meet her new baby sister.  Her soft, sweet first words out of her mouth after she saw her and kissed her: ” Mommy, I just love her so much”.  HEART MELTED.

And, after we were able to bring her home (A week later :< ), the photos begin!

*Such* a proud and super loving big sis Emery is. She’s been AMAZING with her…we are so incredibly blessed with these two!

And now, Wren is 1 month old already!!!  It has gone by way too fast :(

And, here is the only family photo we have so far.  sad, I know…but we’re taking care of that soon :)

Thank you to those of you have prayed for us, brought us meals, encouraged and loved us.  We are SO grateful.

xoxo The Wonders 4!

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Noella Richer

You’re girls are beautiful…just like their Mama! Emery looks like a little Jamie. Genetics are too funny :)

Emily Faulknor

Oh Jackie – these images are priceless! The look on Emery’s face as she gazes at her sister is so touching. Beautifully shot, beautifully written. You are my hero. :)

Angela Gerber

I was just thinking about you and your dear family and I jumped on the computer to see if baby girl had arrived. My heart is smiling right now for you and your sweet family. Wren is Beautiful (i had no doubt) and Emery and parents look to be in heaven.

Congratulations to the Wonders family!

Hugs, the Gerber clan


Thank you so much for the sweet words! We are over the moon with our new baby girl and can’t get enough of her :) xoxo Jackie

Jackie | Sweet Little Thrills

I stumbled onto your portfolio and blog from Victoria (a subtle revelry) and am so glad I did! Your pictures are phenomenal, as if I need to tell you. Wren and your family are just too gorgeous for words. We have a blonde 5 year old that begs for a little sister, so the pictures tugged at my heart extra hard!. We have the same green duvet from Ikea on our bed as well! Thanks for sharing these beautiful images.

Daisy Varley

She is absolutely precious, Jackie :) Isn’t it the best feeling watching your two little ones together…and to know that the older one is already such an amazing older sibling? Awww…LOVE!


Oh Jackie, she is just precious and you all look so beautiful. A heartfelt congratulations to all of you!

Heidi R.

Gah! Love her!! Soooo happy for you and your sweet little family, friend! And how gorgeous do you look after just having given birth!?


jackie. she is perfection. seriously so totally adorable. glad to hear that you are taking some time for YOU to enjoy mommyhood. it goes too fast not too! take care you.


Be still my little <3… congrats Jackie! She and your WONDERful little fam bam are so beautiful! And, LOVE the full body crying photo… classic!

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