A while ago I went to Kenya & Uganda, Africa. Almost 9 years ago, to be exact.  I talked to people about Jesus.  I learned about myself, others and God. I saw a ton of beauty, poverty, humility, and love…It was an incredible experience.  I think it was there that I really felt a passion for photography ignite. These images were taken on a point and shoot film camera and I had NO idea about anything pertaining to a camera or light. I just pointed and shot :) I wish so badly I knew then what I know now about capturing images.

On the road to our safari campground in the Masai Mara. Breathtaking.

Orphan children we visited, who were incredibly beautiful and happy.
Masai children shot while i was sitting in our van.  I’m not going to lie, they scared me.

A newborn baby Zebra on the side of a road, in the middle of nowhere, who’s mother abandoned it.  A Masai man with sticks and piercings in his face had rescued it and was walking it along a road. Our driver pulled over and got out so we could see and pet it…it was marvelous. I’ll never ever forget that.


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oh , this made me feel so proud of you and so proud to be related to our Lord God… how beautiful that he began your journey in such a meaningful place. I think we should plan a trip with our daughters at their most impressionable age>>maybe 13? xoxo


Beautiful Jackie, thank you for sharing. I remember that trip and I didn’t even go (but I so wanted to!). 9 years ago, wow. Your photos are stunning, such a great representation of this continent.
…And yet, only the beginning…you should come back and take more…I know a place where you can stay…Karibu sana.

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