Ok, ok.  I know I’ve been all about how blessed I am lately…but REALLY, I am. I get to document the most beautiful, amazing, momentous moments and occasions in human lives.  I was so blessed when Ha emailed me to ask me to document her reunion with her Husband Tin, a Navy Helicopter pilot who had been deployed for 5 months.  I’ve never photographed anything like this, so i felt super challenged and very nervous (eek!) that i was going to miss a moment.  But, i figured, heck, i shoot weddings that go 105398 miles per hour, i can do this!  So, as we arrived on base at 7am :), i felt like a little kid walking around with my mouth open in awe at how big and amazing everything was..  The hanger(pic below) was jaw dropping to be in…and the lighting was great as well :)  I tried pretty hard to not lose it a couple of times as i get pretty emotional because i get to be a part of the most important moments in people’s lives….like i said. REALLY, i’m blessed.


Ha and a friend watching their husbands come home.  HT027

The flyover..one of THEE raddest moments I’ve ever experienced.  Chills.HT009HT013

Finally…the reunion.HT043HT046Untitled-1HT067

Personalized :)HT078patchesHT119

Ha & Tin- you have no idea how proud i am to have been able to document this experience. Thanks for having me along. And, to Tin and his crew on the HS-4, thank you for serving our country, for your selflessness and sacrifice.  Have a happy homecoming honeymoon :)

Love, Jackie

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Hau Truong

Welcome home Tin, we so proud of you and happy Veterans day.

Hau Trang Thinh Loc.


Jackie, this was super touching! what a great occasion to request a photographer along for. those are important moments of life you capture! thanks for sharing. and thank you also to ha and tin for serving our country, each in your own important way.

Daddy/Mommy and Donna

Thank you Jackie. Greate pictures
HiTin and Ha. We are so proud of you.

Daddy/Mommy and Donna.


I’m so happy for you two! Great pictures!!! They are worth a thousand words!

frankie tran

hey cousin tin

iam proud of you

as you came back ,iam so glass that your future is so bright

grandmon she love to see your picture



frankie sanjose

Susan Young

Great job Jax, you captured the emotion. My prayers for the men and women serving our country and the famlies that are at home waiting for them. Luv you honey – Mom


Such wonderful pictures. You did a fantastic job. Tin and Ha are such great people and you really captured a great moment in their lives. Thank you.


Crying..because the images, the words, but mostly you. You, lovey have transformed into an amazing photograher. Proud of you for your obedience. Proud to call you my friend.


I am crying… my hubby is in Afghanistan now and I would love to do this for his homecoming. How wonderful. :)


I don’t know how I came across your blog, but I have been loving your photos. Amazing. Thank you for posting this last entry. Truly inspiring. I am a brand new photographer and I hope I am blessed to photograph moments like this someday.

jen }i{

So, I’m always in awe of your pictures, and the stories that go along with them, HOWEVER- this post and these pictures seriously made me tear up. You did a fantastic job capturing the moment.

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