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Normally, i wouldn’t classify myself as a “head shot” photographer.  I guess i would be so annoyed and so bored with the same-ole, same-ole.  I think i would want to be the rebel in the industry or something!  But, after having the privilege of photographing the GOOORGEOUS Amy, i may have to reconsider.  Amy has… Read more »


I’m home!  I’m still adjusting to life back in the states since France was one heck of a ride!  i had such a blast, met some fantastic, amazing people(a.k.a. new friends) and captured some great images.  I will plan on sharing sometime soon this week- after i do some laundry :) About the website-  sorry… Read more »


A couple of weeks ago, i had the fantastic opportunity to photograph my sister’s best friend, Valeree, and her cute little family.  We had a blast on the beach(so did about 2390390823 other photographers that afternoon!), had some amaaazing light, and i think we got some great images.  And, to my delight, both boys were… Read more »


Oh man, i haven’t blogged in a week!  I am planning on posting a little goody very soon… But for now, i thought I’d share this Album layout form Mike & Stephanie’s fun session!  I’ve started to use the ITDR Slideshare for my album proofing, in addition to normal slideshows…and i love it!  It makes… Read more »

West Family :: Just BECAUSE

In a *bit* of a minor panic, Kimee called me last minute to ask if i could photograph her family the next day.  And, of course, i said i would LOVE to!  It was super, super gloomy and almost raining, but we managed to pull of a really fun session.  Most of that is due… Read more »