I just wanted to give an update to all couples who are searching for your wedding photographer…1) I would so love to be that person and 2) I only have about 5 more dates/availabilities for weddings in 2010.  If you are having an amazing DIY wedding or are getting married in very unique venue, i would love to work with you on a special pricing collection for you!



If you are a client, this part of this blog post is her to show you the before and after product, but it is mainly for the photographer friends :)

I don’t know, maybe it’s the artist in me, but I love the artistic edit.. I love making images look fancy and fun and perfect.  I have been getting several questions as to what my processing is like, so i thought I’d show some before and afters and share some action recipes!  Before i list them out, I do want to say that my raw conversions make a huge difference in the outcome of my images.  The images on the left are basically straight out of the camera, except for some exposure tweaks. And, i only use Totally Rad Actions to keep my look consistent and clean.  I will use only one color and one black and white recipe for each wedding or shoot so that an album layout will look clean and consistent!

Mike and Stephanie’s recent shoot color mix:

Auto contrast, yin/yang for dodging and burning, pro retouch/eye bump, oh snap 30%, luxe hard 20%, get faded neutral 30%, warm it up kris 40-50%(varies), flatten, boutwell magic glasses 60%, select o pop on eyes(if needed)

Their black and white mix:

Auto contrast, de-toner, yin/yang, pro retouch if needed, Brooklyn b/w 30%, contrast 20-30%, grainstorm, flatten, boutwell magic glasses 60%, burn out 30%, flatten.

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