Time for another installment of a before & After!  Clients: This is a great way for you to understand the entire editing/color correction process, from day after wedding to final print/DVD in-hand!         But, this time around I wanted to include the SOOC image(straight out of camera) for you to get a really good grasp on the entire process.

Step 1.  The RAW image

This is an image you will never really see in this state.  All images go thru a special color correction edit where the exposure, warmth, contrast, levels, and more are all adjusted to my customizations.  Because i shoot 100% RAW, i have a TON of flexibility in editing all of my images and never compromising jpg quality over time.  *NOTE: Although I shoot in RAW, it does not give me a “get out of jail free” card.  I try and nail exposure every single click of the shutter to give me the best image possible.  Don’t rely on the RAW-ness, rely on exposure :)

Step 2. The Proof Image

Here is the image after the color corrective process.  One thing i have started doing this year is outsourcing my color correction to Colorati and THEY.ARE.MAGIC.  Ask for Leon, he’ll chat with ya about how they want to help you enjoy life :)  Yes, i could do it myself…or i could go play with my little girl and go to dinner with my husband and let them do it for me…and they are AMAZING and so so fast!  I especially encourage you parents with children to look into their services…they have changed my business and productivity.  So, all of that to say, #2 is the image that I would get back from them.

Step 3. The Artistic Edit

The magic fairy dust that lands on these images is the final touch!  I artistically edit all of the images you see :)  It’s one of my favorite parts of my job..I just LOVE it.  I never use actions at 100%, try to use them sparingly, I don’t throw textures over people’s faces to make them look like they have hosiery on to rob a bank: i try and make people and places look REAL.

Hope this helps :)

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