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I’m LAME-O. I haven’t blogged for a whole week!!! i guess i had good reason, seeing as i was sick on Friday and had a fantastic Mother’s day weekend. Those two things alone are a dangerous concoction for a lazy Jackie- not.good. Then, if that wasn’t enough, my parents recently moved and brought over my entire childhood in boxes- including my sister’s!!! so, pretty much my living room looked like the Salvation Army, Goodwill and the 80’s got in a fist fight(Matt came up with that one)!  But, one thing that was productive this week was my awesome friends’ band photos.

My longtime friends, Dominic Nuncio and Kekoa Grover, started 330 Plan about 6 years ago, and they’re still going strong!  Many bands can’t say the same thing.  Their music is super encouraging, honest, real and relevant.  They asked me to shoot photos for the release fo their new album, What Lies Ahead.  I’m so flattered, humbled and blessed that they asked me to shoot their cover!  I can’t wait to see and share the finished product on the blog :)  Check out their music HERE!

PS- I’ve said it before, but shooting friends is one of the hardest things for me b/c i laugh at everything!  So, because my friends are funny, it makes looking thru a lens that much more difficult.


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Weston Bouchér

Hey Jackie! How r ya? Great ideas on these band shots. Very cool ideas. Speaking of bands, I have a show this Thursday at Canes in Mission Beach that should be a really sick show. Not sure if you’ll be around but if so definitely check us out. Thanks so much for the recent comments on our blog. We actually submitted that first shot you liked so much to the rangefinder cover contest so wish us luck! Unless you entered too, then don’t wish us luck I guess haha.

6/11/2009 8:00 PM at Canes Bar & Grill
3105 Ocean Front Walk, San Diego, California 92109
Cost: $8.00
SPERO LUMINA @ CANES BAR AND GRILL! Bands include Archery for the Blind, Blue Sky Blond, Groove Theory. Spero Lumina on @ 10PM

Brooke Bowland

wow. WOW. can you please come over and give me some lessons! hehe. PLEASE!

Chritine (Artemis Clover Photo)

It’s tough to keep up with blogging and reading other blogs! sometimes just go and live life and write when you are inspired!


HAHAHA not only does he sound like 3rd Day, he looks like him now too?!! i’m sure he looooves that!

Jen Berry

3rd from the bottom, staggered in the field is ridiculous. so awesome. love light.

Cindy {orange turtle}

holy cow these are so awesome!! :) Jackie you totally rocked this session!

jen }i{

These are great, as usual, Jackie!

Dominic looks like Mac Powell, from Third Day, in the B&W collage.

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