I had so many FABULOUS Lifestyle sessions this year that this post is a long one :)  Each and every family, engaged couple and animal ;) are dear to my heart.  I really mean that.  I feel so honored that my clients, past, present and future, choose me for my artistic perspective on them, their families and their lives.  Here’s 2009’s best Engagements and Portraits!

To each and every single person that i saw through my viewfinder- i can’t thank you enough for where you have helped bring me in my business and craft.  I am so humbled.  Here’s to an AMAZING and blessed 2010!!!

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Yes! I made it! I just spent an hour catching up on your blog. I have to say the last one of the two little girls…priceless!


Awwww… Jackie I just wanted to cry! (I’m such a girl) Just looking at the amazing people you’ve met and thinking about the the stories you’ve heard, and lives you’ve touched just blessed me. I can’t wait to see what 2010 brings for you, your family, and your work! Awesome job! :)

Gavin Wade

I was gonna try and pick a favorite…but that’s like Sophie’s Choice! lol…Love them all Jackie! Keep on rockin’ it like you do best in 2010!

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