So, here we are 5 years married today.  I cannot even believe how fast time has gone, but also, how long it has stretched out- in a great way ;)  I think marriage, along with the Lord, have changed my outlook and perspective on life greatly.  There are many days when i think, “who and what would i be without my husband?”  I feel so blessed to have married the most amazing man on this earth.   He’s always getting better at being a husand and a father every single day.  I have always felt that he’s “better” than me…but hopefully, that’s made me better :)

MATT WONDERS- Thank you for giving me your awesome last name, our amazing little life, and our even more amazing, beautiful, incredible little Emery.



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Jackie – Congratulations!! What beautiful pictures and dedication to your hubby. I look forward to having you photograph our family1


Love to both of you. So proud that you’ve continued to put God first. He’s has truly blessed you. Love.

lynnette coalson

aWwww….how cute!!!! i love it when people put their wedding flashback pictures up! you were such a beautiful bride!!! congratulations mr. + mrs. wonders!

Matt Wonders

woohoo!!! the last five years were the best of my life!!! you are awesome hun and you make me a better person. I was hoping I would be “blog-worthy” today…haha. You are an amazing wife and the best mom ever. I am sooo proud of you! I LOVE YOU!!!


Congrats Matt & Jackie! It was such a blessing to witness your vows. Andy and I love you guys! Happy 5 years!

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