1.  I ♥ White Beans for decoration.  I add white beans to some vases and it looks so awesome!  i just get them in bulk at Henry’s.

2. I ♥ the No-Spill Bubble Bucket for Emery…genius!  Especially at her age, it’s hard to get the little bubble wand in and out of the small bottles, so this is the perfect solution!  And, great for summertime! Got it at Walmart.

3. I ♥ My new Anthropologie dress!!!  I rarely splurge there, but i *needed* a new dress. Don’t you just LOVE the color?!

4.  I ♥ Arbonne baby products for Emery.  They’re all natural, no crazy scents that will irritate your baby’s skin and the diaper rash cream is phenomenal.

5. I ♥ Red flats.  in a any print, any style.  I’m addicted.  got this image here.

things i love



ditto matt. they are gorgeous and very “you” (you that i know from your online personality). and the dress is very “you”. i love it.

Matt (your husband)

I love the new pics of you in the header…as Borat would say “very nice a wa wa we waah”

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