Instead of my semi-normal THINGS I ♥ THURSDAYS, I’ve decided to do a birthday post, dedicated to the love of my life.  I love him with every part of my being, Although i wish i was better at showing it.  He is the man responsible for giving me the most awesome last name ever, the smartest and most hilarious person I’ve ever met(and will ever meet) in my life, he keeps me balanced and sane when life seems to be going 1000 miles an hour.  He fills in the gaps of my weaknesses and makes me a stronger person.  He is absolutely, hands down, the best father I’ve ever seen.  Emery is so blessed to have such an amazing example of love from him.  I know she’ll pick a good guy b/c she knows what that looks like in her daddy.  And, most of all, my husband loves the Lord and that is how he lives his life.  I love that he is committed to loving the Lord more than Emery and I and that makes our marriage and family stronger everyday.

Tonight, we’re going to dinner and to see Coldplay for the celebration…maybe I’ll get them to sing happy birthday to Matt, viva la vida-style?!  Can’t wait!  now Matt and i can scratch it off our bucket list.

So, to my most favorite person in the world(Emery comes in a close second, by a hair), HAPPY 34TH BIRTHDAY.  I LOVE YOU MORE THAN EVER.

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