Cutting it close, again, to the end of Thursday, but i made it!!

  1. I ♥ these Yellow Pages flowers!  Such a great DIY from Jessi Hack weddings, also featured on the Wedding Chicks…how cute for a party?!
  2. I ♥ the Human Calendar.  I posted about this a couple of years ago, but i just had to bring back the awesome :)
  3. I ♥ this Pom-Pom wreath!!! I reeeeeaally want to try and make this…so adorable and inexpensive ;)
  4. I ♥ Western Digital portable hardrives.  These little guys can be a comes with me to every wedding :)
  5. I ♥ Royal blue pointed flats..from Target :)  They are sooooo comfy and can be thrown on with anything and instant cuteness :)

things i love

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great finds. As always. I think the human calender is so much fun. If you want to check my things I heart out go to my blog (its about things from a recent wedding fair in Berlin): its german, but you will get the idea and I even featured some handmade headbands #5(DIY is english) maybe that would be something for you since you love to make things yourself (as I do)

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