Nothin’ to it but to do it….

  1. I ♥ Bonne Maman Jam.  Yet another thing i had in France that i became obsessed with :)  ALTHOUGH…who knew i could buy it at Walmart?!!  seriously…
  2. I ♥ Red Starbucks cups with Mint White Mochas, extra hot with 1%,  in them :)
  3. I ♥ These Dyson hand dryers.  A best friend of mine, Trish (i have like 4 :) and i took our girls to the zoo the other day and i was literally blown away using this amazing contraption!!  i want to go back just so i can use it again…forget the animals! :)
  4. I ♥ Paloma’s Nest. I recently found her via Twitter and I’m infatuated :)  She’s crazy talented.
  5. I ♥ My Anthropologie birthday coupon and necklace.  And, i know i incessantly talk about Anthro on here, but SERIOUSLY…they just one-upped themselves by sending November babies a 15% off card AND a birthday candle necklace!!  They furthered my infatuation with that little goodie :)  Thanks Susan for the image of the card :)

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wait, what? i didn’t get a birthday coupon or necklace from anthro. dang, that’s messed up.


I totally love this categorie. I actually think of swaping my random thursday to thinks I love. Thats just so much fun. I love those hand dryers as well. I got to know them on an american airport. My husband and I went to the restroom and after we came out, we both were smiling at each other because we loved the dryers (and knew the onther one does too).


oh my gosh! i love those hand dryers too! i just used one yesterday at ikea and told my husband i wish we could have one in our house! i doubt they are actually available for purchase tho, ha! ;) AND I ALSO love Paloma’s Nest – bought one of those cute dishes to hold the rings in my wedding last year! :D

joy LaMay

hey they have those hand dryers at the san diego mission too! they are pretty awesome.

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