Are you ready for the random?!?!? well, here ya go: Things i ♥:

1. i ♥ my new OP towel from…Walmart! I’ve been on the hunt for cool looking beach towels that don’t have shells and fish all over them, and low and behold this one!
2. i ♥ Old Fashioned donuts– MMMMmmmm…. I swear i could eat a whole dozen.
i ♥ Burt’s Bees chapstick. it heals my California sun-drenched lips :)
i ♥ Road Trips! maybe it’s the fact that I’m forced to just be alone with my, my thoughts, God and some music, or hanging out with my husband and talking about our dreams. this image i grabbed just summed it all up :)
i ♥ Jane Austen. i can remember watching old black and white movies, as well as romantic movies, iike Pride and Prejudice, OVER AND OVER again. i was so in love with the thought of whimsical romance…and still am!

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