aaaaaannndd, it’s back!  Random stuff that i love…and want…and think about getting…and…

  1. I ♥ Italian Glass Rings.  This one resembles the first one i ever owned.  And, it broke :(  the best kind to get are like this one shown…fat all the way around, that way it’s way more sturdy!
  2. I ♥ RAW honey.  Yes, RAW honey.  It’s one of the best things i learned about in France.  It tastes so much better than the fake processed stuff…yuck!  Actually, it tastes like frosting!  yyuuum.
  3. I ♥ These Fabric Alphabet Magnets!!!  I found them a while ago and had great intentions of making them for Emery..and i still do!  Aren’t they awesome??!!!
  4. I ♥ This little crochet owl.  I don’t know where it’s from, but i love it.
  5. I ♥ These Flower Hair Pins.  And, yet again, i had intentions of making them…and still do.  I’m a crafter, people.  That’s what we do.  Find things we are so set on making, then finally get to them 9052039 months later :)

things i love thur

And, just to share the cutness that is my darling girl, here she is on her birthday, showing off her Elmo balloon :)

BE STILL MY HEART.emery's birthday



Adrienne Gunde

These posts are always filled with the most lovely, adorable, perfect things on the planet! It always makes me want to go on an insane shopping spree on Etsy or run to the market for some yummy snack (totally craving me some raw honey!) Looking forward to next week’s installment!

Jenny Liu

woo I love that glass ring too ! Are you getting another one to replace this one? Your girl is sooooo cute !!

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