I’ve been totally out of it lately when it comes to my Thursday loves.  And, this post is just as random as ever…bare with me :)

  1. I ♥ Flower Bomb perfume.  fun bottle and gorgeous scent.
  2. I ♥ This Vintage 1930’s hat box that my mother-in-law was about to give to the Amvets thrift store…NO!  (This isn’t the actual image, I’m just too lazy and haven’t taken one yet :)
  3. I ♥ This packaging on this little thank you from my good friends and AMAZING wedding designers/coordinators Carter & Cook Event Co. (Ashlyn & Heather). SO CUTE!
  4. I ♥ These Lexar card readers.  I’ve had these for a while now, but i think i take them for granted :)  They make downloading images easy peezy.
  5. I ♥ HI-CHEW Japanese candies!!  My sister just got back from Japan and brought me some of these yummies.  THEY.ARE.SO.GOOD. i’m all out and need to get some more.

things i love

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Paul | Reams Photo

Just got a couple of the Lexar readers last week. I hadn’t realized how much faster that downloading images could be. Why didn’t you tell me sooner? :)


Hi Jackie – I live in Japan, so I can totally hook you up with some Hi-Chew’s!! I would love to spread a little holiday cheer…so let me know if you’re interested! :) As always…I love your work!

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