I’ve been on hiatus.  I’m not gonna lie: I’m tired and busy and I’m horrible at writing so the blog sometimes may become the poor beaten stepchild.  But hey, at least i try.  I know that some of you readers actually like this Thursday post(Which I’m pretty shocked by- seriously shocked) so i wanted to bring it back.  And, not that i ever said this before, but i will try at least 2’x a month to post a Thursday loves AND will be adding a personal picture in every one :)  I’m trying to make up for lost time…  Enjoy!

  1. I ♥ CVS.  I could spend WAY too much money in that place!  I go in for something small and walk out with the most random stuff ever.  Yay for extra bucks!
  2. I ♥ Carrot Sticks.  I don’t always want to eat them, but I do, they’re actually really sweet and yummy!  I kind of forget, i guess.  I try not to drench them in some crazy bad-for-you dressing or hummus…even though it’s the most tempting part about eating them ;)
  3. I ♥ My in-home HP printer!  This thing is pretty marvelous.  I print all my DVD/Cd’s on it, scans like a champ, fax and prints super clear.  And, it’s wireless!  Got it at Costco :)
  4. I ♥ Trader Joe’s everything…but especially these Sesame Honey Almonds- SO.FREAKING.GOOD.  I could eat them all in one sitting, but that would not be a fun stomach ache for later :(
  5. I ♥ This Ikea throw blanket.  I picked this little guy up on my last trip there, saw it and thought…Newborn shoots!! I haven’t had a shoot to use it for yet, but I’m excited for when i do.  If you have a baby, i want to photograph them ;)  Image from Apartment Therapy.

This is my Emery on Easter Sunday.  I love this little girl with every ounce of my being. SIGH.

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LOVE all this Jackie. Today I shared a few things in common with ya – i too love cvs and carrot sticks. unlike you, i always dip them in something. :)

Last, your Emery is beautiful! Thx for sharing girl!


I LOVE CVS! It’s my new favorite store! With all the extra bucks, it’s like they pay you to shop there. Do you know to scan your card when you come in? They give you coupons and sometimes more extra bucks. It’s like winning the lottery….you never know what your going to get, but your always a winner! I’m so addicted! :)

brooke bowland

i have nearly bought that white throw about 5 times! i just keep leaving it behind!?
Emery is BEAUTIFUL! Gosh she is looking grown up…adorable.


awww.. your little princess is beautiful!!! God bless her a whole lot!

Rachael Earl

She is TOO adorable! Oh, and I love CVS, too! They are the ONLY retailer to carry my Veryfine Cranberry Apple juice :)

aunt b

so funny you got that white throw. i have it and so does trish. great minds…


How have I missed those almonds at TJ’s?? Thanks for the heads up! And Emery is just the cutest…love her dress! :)

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