Props to my husband for giving me the idea to share the music that i love with the 5 people that read this :)  Just for the record, i feel super lame because i don’t know a lot of cool, indie bands and wish i was better at finding different and unique stuff.  There, i totally admitted that(am i a tool now?!)  Anyway, some of these bands/artists rev me up for a shoot, calm me down when I’m super stressed or inspire me with amazing lyrics.

  1. I ♥ Hillsong United.  A great Christian band that is super encouraging to Matt and I.
  2. I ♥ Imogen Heap/Frou Frou.  She/Them is a true artist and i feel her music deeply :)  How awesome is this image by Jeremy Cowart?!  Yowza.
  3. I ♥ Death Cab for Cutie.  Probably my favorite lyrics of any band, ever.  Postal Service…..where are you????!!
  4. I ♥ Coldplay.  Another band who is OBV popular and played on the radio every 2 1/2 seconds. BUT, after seeing them in concert in July(on Matt’s bday), i fell in love with them as artists.  The set, the colors, the videography, the interaction with the fans…all of it was amazing.  Best concert I’ve ever been to- Foo Fighters instrumental concert is a super close second.
  5. I ♥ The Killers.  I know it’s super trendy to like them, but I’ve always liked them…

things i lvoe

What are your faves?!  i need some new music :)  Happy Thursday!

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i dig a lot of the same.. and ditto on regina spektor… also, sea wolf, band of horses, other girls, monsters of folk, connor oberst and the mystic valley band (or bright eyes, connor oberest other band) ooo and iron and wine. um, yeah. also, where do you take all your canyon-y nature pics? or is that a top secret photo location :)

Adrienne Gunde

Love it! I think we totally have similar tastes in music! Other favorite artists of mine are Stars, Regina Spektor & Maria Taylor. Give them a listen! :)

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