Since I love being creative with stuff we get for free (or sometimes just things we use on a daily basis) I decided to share some of my favorite free things!

  1. I ♥ reusing our daily coffee grinds(used, of course) to sprinkle into our garden! I think it helps the flowers and pumpkins(our current veggie) grow so much better!
  2. I ♥ This fun idea of posting goals and resolutions.  It’s free from a local hardware store and adds some fun color :) image via
  3. I ♥ Urban Outfitter’s shopping bags!  I use these for the girls’ snacks, food, drinks, etc.  They’re SUPER durable, great design and if something stains it or rips, I don’t feel as bad b/c it was free :) image via
  4. I ♥  Our pumpkin patch sign in our garden!  Matt made this cute sign for the girls’ first pumpkin patch from left over crates that we used to build another fun piece(i’ll be showing that in another post!) for our kitchen.
  5. I ♥ Anthro’s gift boxes. I have about 3 or so in my office that I use to store ribbon, paper, packaging stuff, etc.  Simple, SUPER sturdy and goes with our decor.  image via
Do you have any good ideas of reusable free ideas?!  I wanna know!

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