Here I am!  Happy Thursday!

  1. I ♥ This knot bracelet from this Etsy seller.  Cute and simple :)
  2. I ♥ Born Free bottles.  Wren drinks milk like a champ from these bad boys.
  3. I ♥ Stainless steel coffee mugs…with NO handles.  Coffee/hot drinks stay warm WAY longer and going sans-handle is so much easier to transport :) image via
  4. I ♥ Trader Joe’s Dark Chocolate Almonds with SEA SALT.  YUM. image via
  5. I ♥ My new bin from this Etsy seller.  Super well made, cute and perfect size. I use it to hold my cables/cords, card uploaders, etc.

ON THE HUNT: I feel like I have been on the hunt for some cute, comfy well-made shoes to wear while shooting weddings.  Do you have any suggestions?!  Comment with them below!!!

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